How Wellness Retreats Help You Improve Your Inner and Outer Self?

To cope with the pressures and stresses of modern life, it is often essential to step back to get in touch with your inner self and to reassess your life priorities. For this, it can help to get away from your everyday circumstances and spend some quality time in a healing place. Wellness retreats in Arizona can provide you with just such an environment.

Here are some of the ways in which retreat centers in Arizona can help you improve your inner and outer self:

They Have Custom-designed Wellness Programs

Different individuals have different spiritual needs, and that is why many wellness retreats offer their guests the option of custom-designed wellness programs. They will take into account the specific issues you have, the wellness training options that will benefit you the most, the time you can spare for the program, and your budget. You can then sign up for a wellness program that is right for you.

They Offer Training in Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being aware of the things around you as well as your own fluctuating emotions. By being mindful in your daily situations, you are better able to keep your emotions in check and maintain a mental balance. That, in turn, increases your ability to remain calm and relaxed in various situations, and find positive solutions to keep everyday stresses at bay.

The mindfulness training you will receive at the wellness retreats in Arizona will include daily relaxation and meditation techniques that will bring you beneficial and long-lasting results. Along with boosting your mental energy, practicing these techniques regularly will also improve your physical health.

They Teach You Affirmative Techniques

Knowing how to value yourself and nurture a powerful belief in your abilities is crucial for living as well as you can. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overlook this aspect of personal care in the hurly-burly of everyday living. You might encounter situations that chip away at your sense of self and erode your self-confidence. Unless you take appropriate measures to protect yourself, you will find yourself grappling with a variety of issues and struggling to maintain your balance daily.

By emphasizing on affirmative techniques in their training sessions, the wellness retreats in Arizona help you to develop better self-esteem and confidence. Repeating daily affirmations like ‘I can do better’, ‘I believe in myself’, and ‘I’m worthy enough’ can bring about a significant shift in the way you perceive yourself. It is training yourself to be kinder to yourself and develop a more positive outlook regarding your abilities and your potential. You will then be better placed to achieve your life and career goals.

They Give Tips on Attaining Emotional Freedom

Emotional issues are the root cause of many commonly-experienced maladies. The psychological unrest you experience can take a toll on your mental balance, and the resulting issues can exacerbate your physical health. It is, therefore, essential to address the emotional problems head-on and find a way to resolve these.

For mental and physical upliftment, you will need to attain a good measure of self-awareness and emotional freedom. At the wellness retreats in Arizona, you will learn to use prayer and meditation techniques to get in touch with your emotions and release any existing anger issues and negative energy. You will learn how to harness your positive forces to mitigate mental unrest and attain inner harmony and facilitate physical healing, as well.

They Assist You with Self-Healing

By taking the time to reflect on your inner self and applying various meditation techniques, you will be able to address the specific mental and physical issues you face. Working with experienced and empathetic wellness instructors, you will learn how to tap your body’s key meridian points to unleash your inner spirituality and boost your mental strength. You will learn how to use these in maximizing and expanding your life’s potential. You will, thus, be able to attain a measure of emotional self-healing, and it may also free you of any physical aches that have psychological origins.

As you see, visiting wellness retreats in Arizona can help you to employ the best meditation and affirmative techniques to improve your inner and outer self and turn your life around for the better.

How Healthy are Acai Bowls?

Acai bowls are tasty and healthier options for breakfast or any time you need a boost of nutrients. But are all acai bowls healthy?

What are Acai Bowls?

Acai is a berry found in South and Central America. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and other nutrients good for the heart and the brain. The berries are widely available in the form of juices, powders, and purees.

An acai bowl is a mix of acai (in some form) with nuts, dairy-free substitutes (such as almond milk), and fruits. Other ingredients can be also used to make acai bowls such as leafy greens, fruit juices, and coconut water. Acai bowls always contain toppings such as granola, coconut meat, other berries, sliced almonds, chia seeds, or peanut butter.

Are Acai Bowls Healthy?

 So, are acai bowls healthy? If yes then how healthy are these colorful bowls?

Whether your acai bowl is healthy or not will depend on the ingredients. You can load your acai bowl with sugar. In that case, it won’t be as healthy for you. It might still be better than processed breakfast options but not healthy enough.

If you want your acai bowl to be a healthy breakfast or meal option then carefully look at its ingredients. For instance, if you want a healthy acai bowl Houston then first carefully select a place that offers one. You can conduct an online search or ask the people you know. Check the menu of the café or Houston juice bar offering acai bowls. Are the acai bowls full of natural ingredients? Are the acai bowls packed with processed sugar? What kind of fruits and toppings are used to make acai bowls?

Ingredients for healthy acai bowls –


  • Fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries
  • Other fresh fruits such as bananas, pineapple, or mango


  • Almond milk (does the café makes its own almond milk or other milk substitutes?)
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Coconut water


  • Fruits
  • Nut butter
  • Coconut chips
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

These are just some examples of healthy ingredients to include in acai bowls. You can include other ingredients with similar nutrition profiles.

What a healthy acai bowl must not include –

So, what makes an acai bowl unhealthy? Again, it is the choice of ingredients.

Ice cream, chocolate, chocolate chips, refined sugar, extra-sweetened milk or dairy substitutes, and fruit concentrates are some ingredients that can make your acai bowl unhealthy.

Making your acai bowl healthier –

No or low sugar

You don’t really need extra sugar in your acai bowl. The natural sugar present in fruits should be enough. If you want extra sweetness, use sugar substitutes such as agave or add some honey in your acai bowl. It is best to not include refined sugar, ice cream, or sweetened fruit pulps in your acai bowl.

Healthy toppings

Adding a few chocolate chips on top of your acai bowl won’t make it unhealthier. But it is best to keep the quantity low. If you must have chocolate in your acai bowl, shave some dark chocolate as a topping along with other healthy ingredients. You can use cacao nibs too for a healthy cocoa substitute.

The idea is the same – chocolate (made with cacao) is not unhealthy in itself. Cacao is a healthy ingredient. It is the sugar and other ingredients in the chocolate bars that make it unhealthy.

It is best to choose berries or nuts as the topping in your acai bowl.

Fresh ingredients

Ensure that only fresh ingredients are used in your acai bowl. For example, if you are adding coconut water in it; ensure it is fresh. Check if the berries are organic or not.

Extra nutrients

Most people won’t add kale or spinach (staples of green and healthy smoothies) in acai bowls. But you can chop some and mix these healthy greens in your acai bowl for some extra goodness.

Check if juice bars in your area offer such healthier options in their acai bowl offerings. Other unconventional but healthy ingredients that can be used in acai bowls are spirulina, hemp protein, and coconut oil.

Top Four Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

A cold therapy machine is a device designed to deliver cold therapy in the most efficient manner. It consists of several components such as a tank, a pump, a healing pad, etc. to deliver cold therapy seamlessly. Cold therapy is a holistic remedy, and it is best delivered via a cold therapy machine.

Here are the top four reasons to use a cold therapy machine.

1. It aids speedy healing of the patients

Cold therapy helps in the speedy healing of the patients. But its delivery needs to perfect for cold therapy to show effective results. A cold therapy machine helps in the optimal delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries and wounds.

The healing pads in cold therapy machines help deliver cold therapy evenly, unlike ice packs. The shape of ice packs can be uneven. When you use one for healing orthopedic pain, it is not always possible for the cold temperature to reach deep inside the painful tissues. There is no such drawback with the use of cold therapy machines.

With the right delivery method, cold therapy can be of immense help to patients experiencing orthopedic pain. You can use cold therapy machine post your knee, hip, back, or shoulder surgeries. You can also use it to heal pain from injuries, tired muscles, or medical conditions such as arthritis.

When patients experience speedy healing, it makes it unnecessary for them to use pain-relieving pills. Pain medicines can become addictive with their excessive or prolonged use. With the best delivery method for cold therapy, patients can work on their healing with a natural and safe remedy.

With speedy healing, patients recovering from shoulder or knee replacement surgeries can begin their recovery program on time. Cold therapy unit helps patients regain range of motions in their knees and shoulders post surgeries. With the speedy healing of pain, it becomes possible for them to move their joints again. So, they can commence their physical therapy right on schedule or even sooner.

2. It delivers cold therapy in a safe manner

When you use a cold therapy machine, you can administer cold therapy without risks of infections or injuries. Unlike ice packs, which can drip water over surgical wounds; there is no such limitation with the use of machines. Dripping water can cause infections in open and surgical wounds. So, the machine needs to deliver cold therapy without such risks.

IsoComforter takes patients’ safety a notch further. The company designs sterile healing pads also, which you can safely use for your post-surgical healing. IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to design its cold therapy machines. It helps in the delivery of cold therapy safely and efficiently. The ridges in the IsoComforter healing pads help with optimal skin contact; protecting it from injuries due to freezing temperatures.

3. It is easy to operate

Cold therapy machines are easy to operate; making it possible for patients to use it as often as needed. For example, IsoComforter machines come equipped with self-priming pumps requiring no mechanical efforts to start functioning. You can simply fill the tank with ice and water; wrap the healing pad around the affected area, and switch on the machine to administer cold therapy.

There are no multiple switches you need to tinker with or knobs to turn left or right to use the cold therapy machines.

4. It is convenient to use

Cold therapy machines offer a convenient way to administer cold therapy. When you need to administer it multiple times a day (for a minimum 15-20 minutes at a time), you need a convenient way to deliver it.

When you use a cold therapy machine, you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can relax, take a nap, work on your computer, or watch your favorite show while the machine delivers cold therapy to the affected area. You can even buy portable IsoComforter machines to use it on the go.

Cold therapy works best with consistent delivery until the healing is complete. With such convenient use, it is easier for patients to continue with their cold therapy regimen for as long as it is required.

Benefits of Using Ice Therapy on Knees therapy is extremely useful for healing all types of orthopedic trauma, including knee pain and injuries. You can use an ice machine for knee, which is a special device to deliver ice therapy on the knee joint for even more impactful healing.

Here are the benefits of using ice therapy on the knees.

Post-Surgical Pain Relief

Medical ice machine can help patients find relief from pain post their knee surgeries. Knee surgeries such as for ligament repairs or knee replacement require proper pain management during the post-operative recovery period. It is a necessary healing step as without pain reduction; patients cannot commence their physical rehabilitation program necessary for their full recovery.

Administering ice therapy consistently can help patients experience lessening of pain with each healing session. Ice therapy works by reducing blood supply on the injured area by temporarily hindering nerve communication on the site of cold temperature application. Due to the reduced blood supply, inflammation begins to come down. As the inflammation reduces, patients also begin to experience relief from pain.

Speedy Recovery

Reduced pain leads to speedy recovery of patients. They can continue with their recovery program with more comfort than is possible without ice therapy. With faster pain relief, patients can begin to move their knee joints sooner than expected after surgeries or injuries.

Ice therapy helps patients regain range of motions in their joint post knee replacement surgery. Without this kind of sufficient movement, it is not possible for patients to begin physical exercises necessary for their full recovery.

Ice therapy is now often a part of recovery programs of patients post their surgeries. But instead of rudimentary ice packs, it is now possible to use ice machines for delivering ice therapy on knees.

When you use machines for ice therapy, there is no risk of water dripping on the surgical wounds. Administering ice therapy using machines also helps in the safe and efficient delivery of cold temperature on the knees. These factors help patients recover sooner than without using ice therapy. If you use ice packs for ice therapy and the dripping water causes infection on the surgical incisions or open knee wounds; it can hamper your recovery.

For instance, IsoComforter makes ice machines for knees using the patented Iso tube technology. It helps in the most optimal and safe delivery of ice therapy. The healing pad in the IsoComforter machines consist of ridges for optimal skin contact; keeping the user safe from any injuries. IsoComforter machines also do not produce any condensation; making them extremely safe to use for post-surgical recovery.

General Healing

Ice therapy is also beneficial for the knees in terms of general healing and well-being. If you experience pain in the knee joint due to arthritis, using ice therapy can bring you immense relief.

If the knee joint is sore due to a minor injury, you can use ice therapy on it to find relief from pain without using pain medicines. Pain-relieving drugs can lead to dependency on their long-term use. Ice therapy provides people with painful knee joints a safe alternative for pain relief.

You can use ice therapy to heal a sore knee joint. If you experience pain in or around the knee joint due to excessive fatigue, you can use ice therapy to quickly recover from it. Intense workouts or physical training sessions often cause pain in the legs, including the knee joint. But one or two sessions of ice therapy can help the tissues to recover and function properly again.

Low-Cost Therapy

Ice therapy is a low-cost way to heal pain and recover quickly after surgeries or serious knee injuries. You can easily use an ice machine for knees from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to go to rehabilitation clinics for ice therapy.

You can even purchase portable machines such as those available from IsoComforter. It can come in handy if you need to use ice therapy on the move.

It is also convenient to use ice therapy at home. You don’t need to invest in buying any fancy equipment. You can buy well-designed ice machines from brands such as IsoComforter and enjoy the benefits of ice therapy at home.

Four Ways Cold Therapy Unit Can Help You Heal Faster

Cold therapy is the application of freezing temperature over orthopedic wounds or injuries. It is a holistic remedy to heal different types of minor and major orthopedic traumas. It is best delivered through special devices called as cold therapy units.

Cold therapy can also be administered using ice packs. However, here are four ways a cold therapy unit can help you heal faster.

1. It helps with consistent application of cold therapy.

Use of a cold therapy unit helps with its consistent application. It is effortless and convenient to use a cold therapy unit. The ease of use helps patients to adhere to their cold therapy regimen for a longer period. Imagine holding an ice pack over your shoulders or on your back for multiple times a day! Also, imagine replenishing ice in the packs several times a day. Not to mention the dripping mess the melting ice packs can create on the bed or the floor. Now, imagine using a cold therapy machine without these hassles! These devices are simply more convenient to use. Convenience equals more consistent application of cold therapy, which is extremely important for it to work well.

Brands such as IsoComforter make machines that are portable. So, you can use them at your convenience without missing your scheduled cold therapy sessions. IsoComforter machines also do not require replenishing of ice in the tank very often. You can sit back and rest easy. The convenience of using the machines can lead to consistent cold therapy sessions, which in turn can promote speedier healing of your injuries.

2. It is safe.

Use of cold therapy units is safe. There is no risk of dripping water increasing the chances of you getting post-surgical infections. There is also no risk of injuries due to the inconsistent transfer of temperatures to your muscles (as can happen in the case of ice packs). For instance, IsoComforter makes machines using the patented Iso Tube technology for efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. The ridges in the healing pads of IsoComforter machines help in the optimal transfer of near-freezing temperatures without risks of injuries from the cold.

The safety features of cold therapy machines keep away any hindrances (injuries, infections, more pain) to your healing process.

3. It is effective.

Cold therapy helps reduce swelling and pain quite effectively. When it is delivered via machines, the effectiveness of cold therapy can increase quite exponentially. Cold therapy units help in the uniform delivery of freezing temperatures. With proper use, the cold helps reduce swelling and pain quite efficiently. The consistent transfer of cold over injured tissues temporarily halts nerve communications; causing the blood supply in the affected areas to reduce. The reduced blood supply jumpstarts the body’s natural healing process to work on the injured muscles. As the swelling begins to reduce, the resulting pain from it also stops.

You can use cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain after surgeries and different kinds of orthopedic injuries. Cold therapy can also provide relief from edema (collection of fluids around the injuries), painful sore muscles, and discomfort from minor sprains.

4. It delivers cold therapy in the most efficient manner.

Cold therapy via machines is the most optimal way to deliver it over injured muscles. Ice packs simply do not compare with the potency of cold therapy machines. The machines help deliver cold therapy without any risks or limitations of ice packs or frozen vegetable bags. Use of machines offers a worry-free experience of using cold therapy over a long period of time.

Cold therapy is also effective in healing tired muscles. You can simply fill the machine with ice and water, plug in the machine, and rest easy. You don’t need to hold the ice over your muscles to heal them. When your limbs are tired along with the rest of your body, there is no comfortable way to use ice packs for cold therapy. With cold therapy units, you can take a nap or watch television while the machine does its work on your tired muscles.
Use of a machine simply makes delivery of cold therapy more effective; promoting faster healing in multiple ways.

The Healthier the Better: Your Brain’s Health Improvement

They say that aging is one of the causes that lead to the weakening of your brain’s performance. As you grow older, your memory becomes out of form, this is why there are illnesses such as the unfortunate Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, there are already known ways that can help you better your brain performance, thus giving you the protection from the dreaded brain deterioration.

One good prevention is the inclusion of colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet. The brighter the color of the fruit or vegetable, the healthier and fresher it is – thus, the better. As you may know, healthy foods help the body get rid of unhealthy toxins because these foods have antioxidants. If you follow this kind of diet, then you may have a 70% lower chance of suffering from dementia when you get older.

Vitamins, especially vitamin B can also help maintain the fitness of your brain.  If you lack vitamin B, you are more prone to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and many other diseases. So, you may want to include vitamin supplements in your everyday meal. If you do not feel like you need supplements, then you may want to cut down on your alcohol and cigarette consumption for these substances, together with coffee and sugar, can use up your body’s stock of vitamin B. Aside from this, you should also try eating more beans and green veggies; these are rich in vitamin B.

You should stay away from bad fats that come from junk foods. Your brain may be made up of fats, but this does not mean that it should come from the fats from hot dogs. Instead of munching on unhealthy foods, enjoy good fats such as fish and nuts and all those foods which are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. If you do this, you will have a higher chance of keeping your brain in its best shape.

Stress is another thing that you should avoid if you want a healthy brain. Hence, you should protect yourself from being too stressed out and from being overwhelmed by all the drama that may come your way. Release your tension, relax and meditate so that you can give your body and your mind the time they need to recharge. Also, take enough rest and sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep is highly suggested to keep your mind in its prime. After a good rest, you should engage yourself in healthy activities, such as exercising and working out. This will keep your body active and alert.

Finally, if you are exercising your body, you should exercise your brain as well. Always use your mind – think and rethink. Keep your brain muscles active by reading, doing puzzles, answering crosswords and socializing with other people. There are a lot of activities that are designed to keep you thinking. Any type of activity from which you can learn is worth trying. Do not be afraid to explore, active learning is the key to your mind’s actual exercise.

As you know, the healthier you are the better; your brain should also feel the same way. If you are doing all your best to keep yourself physically fit, you should also keep yourself mentally fit.  Fight all the factors that may cause the weakening of your brain performance.

Urgent Care Clinics – Best Approach to Get Immediate Help Common Medical Problems

Urgent care clinics seek to provide immediate comfort and relief to each one of their patients. By the looks of things, they may be nothing more than an affordable substitute for Emergency rooms. But a sneak peek into the typical day reveals a lot more.

Much beyond “First-Aid”

The doctors in urgent care clinics spend the majority of their time encountering patients face-to-face. The remaining time is divided between reviewing test reports, documenting medical profiles, and interacting with other doctors. The fact that a typical urgent care clinic has all the major test facilities- CT scans, Ultrasound images, X-Ray, test labs-helps doctors come up with an immediate fix for non-threatening emergencies.

At face value, documentation may just be a “legal formality”, but a major part of the doctor’s job is to make each word count. Doctors in urgent care clinics need to record all the tangible data leading up to the best course of action in a particular scenario.

Plagued With Misconceptions

Misconceptions abound, the major one being “urgent care clinics are an unreliable, me-too versions of emergency rooms.”Granted, emergency rooms are the best place to visit for life-threatening emergencies. But if somebody walks in there with a minor issue that can wait, he or she will be asked to wait. When it comes to wait time, emergency rooms put the very sick, almost dying cases first.

On the other hand, urgent care clinics in Centreville, Washington DC and New York, etc. are walk-in-walk-out clinics where you will not have to wait forever for a minor sprain. The doctors there are just as qualified as those in ER’s, only much quicker to respond.

What Sets Them Apart From Other Medical Centers?

Urgent care clinics try to connect with patients, thereby educating them on the issue at hand. Top urgent care centers make sure that a patient is able to understand the worst diagnosis and assimilate the suggested treatment. All the recommendations are fully backed by research and practical know-how. To keep medical integrity, the doctors in urgent care clinics refrain from commenting on what is beyond their scope, and offer their honest advice on the immediate next step.

Not only the doctors, but also the entire staff are focused on providing immediate relief to a patient and draft a plan for a healthier existence. Unlike primary care clinics, urgent care clinics do not provide long- term care, nor do they handle cases on a longitudinal basis. Their sole focus is on the most urgent issue at hand.

ERs Don’t Offer Everything

The biggest issue that emergency rooms face is the overall patient dissatisfaction. Research suggests that nationally only 80-85% patients are happy with the attention they receive at ER’s. The remaining complain about the wait times and work up times, disproportionate to the seriousness of their issues. Also, let us not forget the steep bills with all the hidden frills. This is not to say that emergency rooms are inadequate. Let it be known that they are your best bet in case of an almost fatal emergency. But for prompt attention to non-fatal emergencies, you want to go to an urgent care.

How You Can Make the Most of Your Visits

First off, you need to make a list of things that an urgent care clinic typically deals with. There is an overwhelming chance that you will be able to relate a few items to you and/or your family members. Next, you need to scout for the best urgent care clinics near your home and work. Searching a phone book in the middle of an asthma attack hardly sounds like an adventure. Also, it makes sense to keep all your family’s medical records-history, medications, health problems, allergies- filed, so that you are not exactly clueless when describing the pain to your doctor. A crisp, honest, and explicit description of what brings you there will help you a long away.