What are the Advantages of Cord Blood and Tissue Banking?

Cord blood and tissue banking are increasingly becoming an option that new parents choose after the birth of their baby. Many people consider it to be biological insurance that may help their child or family member to overcome a health disorder in the future. With new developments on the medical frontier, it is very likely that there may be advanced therapies using cord blood and tissue banking that can treat many currently incurable health conditions.

Cord blood and tissue banking

If the parents decide they want to opt for cord blood and tissue banking, the medical personnel will collect cord blood and tissue from the newborn baby’s umbilical cord. It is a painless process. They will then send the biological material to an FDA-regulated private or public bank, depending on what choice the parents make.

Generally, there is no charge for storing the cord blood and tissue in a public bank. However, it is considered as an anonymous donation by the parents and the bank will make the donated blood and tissue available to anyone who needs it for research purposes or for medical treatment. If you go for cord blood and tissue banking, there is no guarantee that you can get access to your donation at a later date, should you need it. The bank may have already given it to someone else who needed it and was compatible with the blood and tissue.

So, if you want guaranteed insurance that you or your child can access in the future, you may want to go for private cord blood and tissue banking. The storage procedure is the same, but there will be a fee for the service.

Advantages of cord blood and tissue banking

Previously, health workers used to discard the umbilical cord and placenta after the birth of a child. Then, researchers found out that it was possible to obtain cord blood and tissue from them and that these were the source of hematopoietic stem cells that were the same type that you could get from bone marrow. It was more convenient and painless to get the stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta than from the bone marrow of a donor. And it was possible to bank them for use in various medical therapies.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of cord blood and tissue banking:

It has the potential to save lives

These primitive cord blood and tissue stem cells can develop into white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, and may also have the ability to develop into other types of cells. That makes them useful for treating leukemia, cancer, sickle-cell anemia, and various other disorders. There are currently many on-going clinical trials to find stem cell therapies for conditions like degenerative arthritis, autism, cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and more.

It can facilitate stem cell therapy research

Due to the ready availability of stem cells from public cord blood and tissue banking for research purposes, clinical researchers are learning more about cord blood and tissue transplants. They are finding out how to assess compatibility and dosage amount, and how to ensure that the patient receives the right supportive care before and after the stem cell transplant. Regulatory bodies have approved many stem cell therapies and the number is likely to go up as further research makes more therapies feasible.

It can help you to get treatment for genetic conditions

If you have a family history of certain health conditions, storing your baby’s cord blood and tissue with a private bank may help you in the future. The bank will reserve the biological materials for you and your family, and nobody else will be able to access them without your permission. For a specified fee, you can arrange for the bank to store the materials for ten years or longer. At some later date, if you or your child develop the hereditary disease, you can take the stored cord blood and tissue from the bank and use them in stem cell therapy to treat the condition.

As you see, cord blood and tissue banking can be advantageous. You should, however, consult your doctor and discuss your options before making a decision.

Why it is Necessary for Purchasing Face Masks in Bulk Despite Coronavirus Pandemic?

A few months back, people wearing face masks were a rarity. Due to the novel coronavirus, now it is the new normal.

Face masks have become the symbol of the pandemic era. Since scientists have so far not been able to find a cure, wearing face masks, maintaining hygiene, and following social distancing are still our best bet against the disease.

Widespread panic because of Covid-19 had resulted in bulk face masks buying. And in spite of the fact that the number of coronavirus cases is rising, governments around the world are being forced to come out of lockdowns because of economic reasons. In such a scenario, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US and the World Health Organization (WHO) are urging people to wear face masks when outside their homes. As a result, the demand for face masks is set to increase further.

Here are some more reasons as to why it is necessary to buy face masks in bulk:

There may be a shortage of face masks

The world was not prepared for the coronavirus crisis. As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to expand globally, the supply chain for face masks will continue to be stressed as the demand for face masks exceeds available supplies.

Masks are already incredibly hard to come by. Many pharmacy chains have stopped supplying them. On Amazon, consumers have to wait a couple of months if they want to avoid astronomical prices.

No one can be sure what the situation will be in the future. It is better to be safe than sorry. Bulk face masks buying would ensure that you have enough protection for yourself and your family if there is a shortage of face masks.

Price of Face Masks may increase further

An overwhelming demand for face masks is leading to price gouging. Many sellers are increasing the price of face masks by a fair amount to exploit demand.

According to information provided by Helium 10, a software company that assists Amazon retailers, a pack of 100 Universal 4533 sanitary dust masks started selling at $8 but the price eventually rose over $200. 

If you can find sellers offering face masks at reasonable prices, it may be a good idea to go for bulk buying. Also, bulk orders are cheaper per unit compared to small quantities.

Some Substandard Masks are coming into the market

Many companies not originally involved with face masks production have added it to their product range to cater to the growing demand. Though this doesn’t sound so bad, it has resulted in some substandard face masks being produced.

The purpose of a face mask is to filter small particles like the Covid-19 virus. To find out if they are being able to do that, the advanced face masks need to be properly tested in laboratories. Now, it seems nobody has the time to do that. Also, in the current situation, it may not be possible to monitor production methods.

Your Order might be seized by the Government

Many governments have made it their top priority to lay their hands on PPEs including face masks. There have been cases reported in the US where people have ordered face masks and the CDC has seized them.

You never know if the face mask you order will be seized or not. It is better to stockpile so that you don’t face a dearth of face masks when you need them.

Businesses need to bulk buy face masks for their employees

If you are thinking about opening your business operations, you may need to provide your employees with face masks. You should plan at least one face mask per person per 8-hour shift. This means that if you have 50 employees, you will need 50 masks per day. That comes to 350 masks per week or 1500 masks per month.


This pandemic doesn’t show any signs that it will end soon. You may as well invest in bulk face masks buying. Your decision to buy can prove to be the difference between life and death. Do you’ve any questions about buying face masks in bulk? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we’d love hearing from you.

The Necessity of Wearing Wrist Wraps for Deadlifting

You can consult a health specialist with reference to the wrist wraps for deadlifting. Ask about the prime requirement as regards weightlifting, especially the Deadlifting; for sure, he or she will explain the need to have a strong back. Only when your body back is robust, you will be able to lift weights that will build your body in line with your desire. Hence, you should take double care to protect your back whenever you do Deadlifting; this point is imperative. Of course, Deadlifting is a bit hard, and if you don’t take the due precautions, there is every possibility of hurting yourself. However, you won’t have to hesitate to do Deadlifting when you prudently protect yourself from the possible dangers. wrist wraps for deadlifting makes you safe from the probable problems that you may have to suffer due to Deadlifting. That said, you must get the proper wrist rap, and the easy way to get the same is to buy a leading brand.

Bodybuilders, as well as physical fitness hunters, both accept that deadlift is a perfect exercising method, which will give the desired boost to the body back. This exercise will give the required stimulation to the body back, both to the upper and lower back, apart from boosting the glutes, legs, and the related parts of the body. A perfectly fitting wrist wrap will make your grip flawless, which is essential for achieving the set goals of your workout. As the wrap will cover and protect the wrist joints while you do the lifting task. This arrangement will become particularly beneficial when you add up weights; you will need a strong grip to hold the barbell when you do heavyweights. Bodybuilders give great significance to this exercising method and consider it in par with the other top bodybuilding exercises like the bench press, squats, etc. Your gym tutor or a health specialist will tell you more about it. However, it is highly significant that you must take all the needed precautions before trying your Deadlifting.

Wrist Wraps for Deadlifting – Points to Ponder While Buying

• Tough and Durable: The wraps must be tough and durable. You must get the best possible wrist support while doing your intense workouts. When you get the right wrist wrap, there will not be any twisting of the wrists while you do the workouts, and you will be able to perform the gym exercises with confidence.

• Easy to Use: You must be able to put on the wraps effortlessly. When you fix the Velcro, there must be the desired level of tightness; besides, you must get a secured and comfy feeling. Only when you get such a wrist wrap, you will be able to get a perfect grip while holding a loaded barbell or a simple bar.

• Economical: You must stay away from merchants who sell inferior wrist wraps for deadlifting at exorbitant prices. Choose only quality wrist wraps manufactured by reputed companies. That said, you must always opt for quality and not the pricing; remember, quality comes with a price, and you will have to pay for it if you want quality.

Buy from Leaders – Benefits

• The wrist wraps for deadlifting that you buy will reach you within the proposed date. There will not be any delay as every process, from the order taking to the shipment, will have strict monitoring.

• There will be a 30-day return period; within this time, if you feel that the wrist wrap is not the one you need, you can return the same, and you will get a full refund.

• Besides, the payment part will be quick and easy. Once you decide the wrist wrap that you require, you can move on to the payment page to pay through different options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

It’s easy to buy quality wrist wraps for Deadlifting these days because of the availability of several online stores. However, you must compare the quality of the wrist wraps and the pricing, and above all, the reliability of the manufacturer and trader and buy the most suitable one.

Why Should You Wear a Wrist Brace to Relieve Your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

Do you regularly engage in activities that require repetitive and strenuous movements? These could include using a computer mouse, typing on a keyboard, writing with a pen, hammering with a jackhammer, or drilling with a driller. These activities can strain your wrist and put undue pressure on the median nerve. That is the nerve that passes through your wrist to the palm side of the hand, an area known as the carpal tunnel. It is responsible for providing sensation to your fingers and impulse control to the thumb.

When the median nerve gets compressed due to overexertion, you may experience tingling, numbness, swelling, or pain around your thumb and wrist area, and even weakness in your fingers. Sometimes you may find it hard to move your thumb and the first four fingers. That is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also happen if you suffer from chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid dysfunction. It can become a debilitating health issue if you don’t take steps to mitigate it.

Wearing a wrist brace can make a significant difference in alleviating your carpal tunnel symptoms. To wear it, slide your thumb through the thumb hole and then wrap it about your wrist and hand. Adjust it as necessary to get the desired level of snugness and then fasten it. Make sure it feels comfortable and is not too tight.

Here is why you should wear a wrist brace for carpal tunnel symptoms:

It can keep your wrist straight

 When you are suffering from carpal tunnel symptoms, constantly bending or overextending your wrist can put further pressure on the median nerve and aggravate the condition. To avoid that, you need to keep your wrist straight as much as possible. Wearing a wrist brace can assist with that and will take the strain off the median nerve. That will prevent flare-ups, reduce the inflammation and pain, and will, over time, alleviate your symptoms. You should especially make a point of wearing the wrist brace when you sleep as you may unknowingly bend your wrist then.

When getting a wrist brace, it is essential to make sure that it fits snugly about your wrist to offer the necessary protection. At the same time, you don’t want the brace to be so tight that it ends up putting additional pressure on the median nerve.

It allows muscle movements

While you want to keep your wrist straight to prevent straining it, you do need to be able to move your muscles without impediment. If the wrist brace restricts muscle movements, the muscles could become stiff and even start to atrophy, and you will have a whole new set of problems. Additionally, a very tight wrist brace could restrict the movement of blood and lymph from your fingers to the wrist and vice versa. The movement of these fluids is crucial for removing metabolic waste and supplying nutrients to your tissues.

It can speed up your recovery

 Many people have reported experiencing relief from pain after wearing a wrist brace, especially at night. It will support and protect the nerves and tendons in your wrist and will give them time to recuperate from strain and stress. However, you shouldn’t wear the wrist brace continuously. Wearing it for too long can be as detrimental as immobilizing your wrist. Your body could become so accustomed to having it on that taking it off would feel uncomfortable. So, do remove it from time to time and use your wrist joint normally.

In addition to wearing a brace, you may also need to make sure that your body positioning isn’t aggravating the problem. If it is, it may be a good idea to rethink the ergonomics of your body positioning in your workspace and other places. If possible, you could reposition furniture and get more comfortable equipment, so that you can work or do things without having to strain or pressurize your wrist too much. It may also help to do frequent exercises to strengthen your joints and keep them flexible.

It will take a combination of regular exercise, better body positioning, and wearing the wrist brace to relieve your carpal tunnel symptoms.

Benefits of Wearing Compression T Shirt While Undergoing Physical Fitness Activities

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts wear compression garments, especially compression shirts, during sporting activities and workouts. Made from spandex, polypropylene, or similar types of fabrics, a compression T shirt is elastic, stretchable, and comfortable to wear.

Since it is form-fitting, a compression T-shirt highlights the wearer’s body structure. While you can wear it to show off a well-toned, muscular figure, that is not the only reason why so many people prefer these shirts. A compression T-shirt actually has many health benefits and can help improve your physique, particularly when you wear it during physical workouts and other physical activities.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing a compression T-shirt while undergoing physical fitness activities:

It can provide pain relief

By fitting snugly about your body, a compression T-shirt can help to improve your blood circulation. That, in turn, will relieve the discomfort, pain, and swelling that often arises as a result of physical stress. So, if you are going to engage in long and strenuous activities, it will do you a world of good to wear a compression T-shirt. It will certainly boost your endurance. Additionally, a compression T-shirt can provide pain relief and make a significant difference if you suffer from arthritis, elbow tendonitis, cramps, and other health issues.

It can speed up physical recovery

Along with providing pain relief, a compression T-shirt can aid in physical recovery after arduous workouts. The soreness, numbness, and fatigue that you experience after intense physical labor are due to strained muscles. If you don’t take measures to ease them, the pain will linger and even flare up and may end up disrupting your regular activities. That is why you need to wear a compression T-shirt during your workouts or physical activities.

The shirt will tighten about your muscles, reduce muscle oscillation, optimize muscle contraction, and help to relax them by regulating a healing temperature. Interestingly, this temperature can adjust to cold and warm weather. That will prevent the muscles from getting stiff, you won’t get cramps, and your body will recover from the exhaustion faster.

It can help with posture improvement

If you have issues with maintaining a correct body posture, you should consider wearing a compression T-shirt. The shirt will fit tightly about your muscles and compress about your torso. That will remind you to straighten up and stand tall every time, and will lead to the maintenance of a proper posture. Having a correct posture will not only make you look good, but it can also help you to work better and become more confident as you go about in the world.

It can keep you from getting hot and sweaty

The compression T-shirt can adjust to the temperature in your locality. So, it doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or hot, the shirt will adjust to it. Moreover, you can choose to wear a thin type of compression T-shirt during the summer and a thicker one during the winter. Additionally, the polypropylene or spandex materials of the shirt give it a moisture wicking property that will prevent you from getting drenched in sweat during your workouts.

The shirt material pulls the sweaty moisture away from your body and moves it up to the shirt’s outer layer. From there, it will evaporate into the air. Along with keeping you dry in this way, the shirt will also help to prevent skin chafing, irritation, and infections that often arise from trapped sweat against the skin.

Given the definite health benefits that come from wearing a compression T-shirt, it is becoming a garment of choice with people from all walks of life, not just athletes. Many people, who regularly engage in physical labor or other physical activities or those who suffer from chronic health conditions, wear compression T-shirts, and, often, as an inner garment. It can protect their muscles from damage arising from strain and prevent long-term injuries. Furthermore, a compression T-shirt will prevent excessive sweat from drenching their clothes, and keep them dry and in fine fettle throughout the day.

As you see, compression garments are not just a fashion trend in the sporting world but are very effective for minimizing muscular strength loss, facilitating post-exercise recovery, and staying fit.

Five Benefits of Silver Sneakers

Physical Fitness – A Must

There is a strong belief among both youngsters and seniors that body fitness is correlated to age. However, this notion is not at all true. Maintaining the overall healthy nature of the body primarily depends on the attitude and approach of the individuals concerned. If one is bent on keeping the body fit, age is not a criterion. There are many ways to achieve the same. The only thing is that the initiative must come from the individual itself; external advice will not do the trick. Regular exercise is a must; hence, taking a gym membership is the first thing that one will have to do if he or she is keen to do exercise regularly. However, there is no need to apply for a membership on your own. Buying one of the appropriate Medicare Advantage Plans is a way to get the right of entry into a gym. Some of these plans offer free membership to health clubs like the SilverSneakers to the members of such plans.

Buy Medicare Advantage – Get Membership to Silver Sneakers

Buying a tailored Medicare Advantage Plan is a prudent way of making oneself safe from various health problems that are par for the course of old ages. Apart from the financial benefits, another tempting advantage of being getting enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans is membership with SilverSneakers. SilverSneakers is widely held for the physical fitness facilities. You will get various such facilities, which include the entry permit to local gyms, fitted with all kinds of fitness equipment such as treadmills, walking tracks, workout classes, etc., which will be very beneficial. You will be able to enhance your physical fitness comfortably, which is a must for senior citizens. For instance, if you buy your Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas, you will be getting the big offer of Silver Sneakers San Antonio Texas membership. Nevertheless, one must consult a dependable insurance agency and buy a bespoke plan, which will be financially beneficial at times of emergencies. Remember, it will not be prudent on your part to buy a plan all of a sudden merely for the sake of getting the right of entry to the Silver Sneakers San Antonio Texas. You must take into consideration the financial needs that you may need in the future and buy the policies in line with that. However, it may be a bit tough for a common man to read and comprehend the insurance terms easily. Here, the professional knowledge and expertise of an insurance agency will be of much help to you.

Top Five Benefits of Silver Sneakers

  • There will be a whole lot of fitness facilities, including walking tracks, treadmills, pools, special fitness classes, ellipticals, etc. You can choose the program precisely according to your body fitness and taste.
  • For getting such gym facilities, one will have to spend much money; however, here, the Medicare Advantage member is getting such grand facilities free of cost.
  • By participating in the Silver Sneakers San Antonio Texas physical fitness programs, senior citizens can maintain the healthy nature of the body. Mingling with the same age group who are having the same aim of gaining physical fitness will be a great inspiration.
  • SilverSneakers will give you the right to enter the gym at your participating location, which indeed is a great benefit. You can reach the gym location within a short time.
  • You will get the assistance to get started the program, and hence there will not be any beginner’s hitches. The programs include various physical activities that will make the senior citizens agile and active.

So, you must find out a locally available insurance agency that sells Medicare Advantage Plans coupled with the Silver Sneaker programs, and the best way for this is to search through the internet. Of course, you can discuss the matter with your near and dears; maybe they will be able to help you. But, when you search through the internet, you can find out a long list of agencies that sell Medicare Advantage Plans by which you will also be able to get the membership in Silver Sneakers San Antonio Texas. The long list will give you the luxury of choice so that you can pick the most suitable Medicare plan.

How Wellness Retreats Help You Improve Your Inner and Outer Self?

To cope with the pressures and stresses of modern life, it is often essential to step back to get in touch with your inner self and to reassess your life priorities. For this, it can help to get away from your everyday circumstances and spend some quality time in a healing place. Wellness retreats in Arizona can provide you with just such an environment.

Here are some of the ways in which retreat centers in Arizona can help you improve your inner and outer self:

They Have Custom-designed Wellness Programs

Different individuals have different spiritual needs, and that is why many wellness retreats offer their guests the option of custom-designed wellness programs. They will take into account the specific issues you have, the wellness training options that will benefit you the most, the time you can spare for the program, and your budget. You can then sign up for a wellness program that is right for you.

They Offer Training in Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being aware of the things around you as well as your own fluctuating emotions. By being mindful in your daily situations, you are better able to keep your emotions in check and maintain a mental balance. That, in turn, increases your ability to remain calm and relaxed in various situations, and find positive solutions to keep everyday stresses at bay.

The mindfulness training you will receive at the wellness retreats in Arizona will include daily relaxation and meditation techniques that will bring you beneficial and long-lasting results. Along with boosting your mental energy, practicing these techniques regularly will also improve your physical health.

They Teach You Affirmative Techniques

Knowing how to value yourself and nurture a powerful belief in your abilities is crucial for living as well as you can. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overlook this aspect of personal care in the hurly-burly of everyday living. You might encounter situations that chip away at your sense of self and erode your self-confidence. Unless you take appropriate measures to protect yourself, you will find yourself grappling with a variety of issues and struggling to maintain your balance daily.

By emphasizing on affirmative techniques in their training sessions, the wellness retreats in Arizona help you to develop better self-esteem and confidence. Repeating daily affirmations like ‘I can do better’, ‘I believe in myself’, and ‘I’m worthy enough’ can bring about a significant shift in the way you perceive yourself. It is training yourself to be kinder to yourself and develop a more positive outlook regarding your abilities and your potential. You will then be better placed to achieve your life and career goals.

They Give Tips on Attaining Emotional Freedom

Emotional issues are the root cause of many commonly-experienced maladies. The psychological unrest you experience can take a toll on your mental balance, and the resulting issues can exacerbate your physical health. It is, therefore, essential to address the emotional problems head-on and find a way to resolve these.

For mental and physical upliftment, you will need to attain a good measure of self-awareness and emotional freedom. At the wellness retreats in Arizona, you will learn to use prayer and meditation techniques to get in touch with your emotions and release any existing anger issues and negative energy. You will learn how to harness your positive forces to mitigate mental unrest and attain inner harmony and facilitate physical healing, as well.

They Assist You with Self-Healing

By taking the time to reflect on your inner self and applying various meditation techniques, you will be able to address the specific mental and physical issues you face. Working with experienced and empathetic wellness instructors, you will learn how to tap your body’s key meridian points to unleash your inner spirituality and boost your mental strength. You will learn how to use these in maximizing and expanding your life’s potential. You will, thus, be able to attain a measure of emotional self-healing, and it may also free you of any physical aches that have psychological origins.

As you see, visiting wellness retreats in Arizona can help you to employ the best meditation and affirmative techniques to improve your inner and outer self and turn your life around for the better.

Everything That You Need to Know About Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is a fitness program for those 65 years of age or older. It is offered as a benefit under some Medicare plans.  

About Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers began as a fitness program founded by Mary Swanson in 1992. It started as a network of gyms that could offer program fitness programs for seniors. In time, it began to be included in many Medicare plans. There are thousands of healthcare centers and gyms that form a part of the Silver Sneakers network in the country.

The aim of the Silver Sneakers program is to improve the quality of life for the elderly population. It does so by offering them access to workouts and fitness programs as per their health needs.


First, you need to be 65 or older to be eligible for the program. Second, you need to be on the Medicare plan that offers it.

The plans can vary from state to state. You can conduct a simple online search to know more about the eligibility factors. For instance, use search terms such as Silver Sneakers San Antonio Texas, to know about the availability of the program for your state. Then, you can inquire about your eligibility if the Silver Sneakers program is available in your state.

Silver Sneakers is not offered under Medicare Parts A and B., but it is often a benefit of the Medicare C plans, also known as Medicare Advantage. If you have any Medicare Supplement plans Texas, you may qualify for the Silver Sneakers program.

You can get in touch with an independent insurance agent to know more about your eligibility. If you find checking things online overwhelming, you can always reach out to your insurance provider or agent for specific details.

The idea is to not miss out on this fabulous benefit. So, it is best to find out the eligibility details if you have Medicare Advantage or any supplement plan. It is best to inquire about the Silver Sneakers’ eligibility and availability before you buy any supplement plan. 

The Way it Works

If you are enrolled in the Silver Sneakers program; you will receive your membership card from Medicare. You can use it to get membership of any fitness club that you like (provided it is part of the Silver Sneakers network).

You will be able to use the club’s facilities as often as you would like. You won’t have any restrictions in terms of the maximum or even minimum visits. You can even visit other facilities in the network during your travels.

You can even visit more than one participating gym. If your neighborhood participating gym doesn’t offer Pilates, you can always choose another gym offering it in addition to any other fitness facility you use.

Program Details and Benefits

If you have access to the Silver Sneakers program, you don’t need to pay any additional fee for participating in a network gym’s fitness classes.

You will have access to a variety of fitness programs such as yoga, weight training, Pilates, and others. You will have access to trainers in the gym who can guide you to your right schedule as per your health needs. You can borrow on-demand videos to use at home from your network gyms. The network gyms have programs available with them, which are specially designed for seniors. For instance, fitness programs to improve cardiac health or mobility are likely to be available for Silver Sneakers members.

You will also have the company of others and will be able to exercise in a fun environment. The company of others and access to certified trainers can be helpful in keeping the motivation levels of the seniors high.

The entire program helps keep the physical, mental, and emotional health of the elderly in top shape.

Inactivity can lead to various health problems, especially in the old age. A lack of companionship can affect a person’s emotional and mental health. But with the help of the Silver Sneakers program, you can now keep your heart healthy, your limbs mobile, and your general well-being robust.

You can also track and manage your fitness programs via a mobile app designed for the Silver Sneakers members. You can access recipes and other educational materials via the Silver Sneakers website and other online resources available for the members.

How Healthy are Acai Bowls?

Acai bowls are tasty and healthier options for breakfast or any time you need a boost of nutrients. But are all acai bowls healthy?

What are Acai Bowls?

Acai is a berry found in South and Central America. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and other nutrients good for the heart and the brain. The berries are widely available in the form of juices, powders, and purees.

An acai bowl is a mix of acai (in some form) with nuts, dairy-free substitutes (such as almond milk), and fruits. Other ingredients can be also used to make acai bowls such as leafy greens, fruit juices, and coconut water. Acai bowls always contain toppings such as granola, coconut meat, other berries, sliced almonds, chia seeds, or peanut butter.

Are Acai Bowls Healthy?

 So, are acai bowls healthy? If yes then how healthy are these colorful bowls?

Whether your acai bowl is healthy or not will depend on the ingredients. You can load your acai bowl with sugar. In that case, it won’t be as healthy for you. It might still be better than processed breakfast options but not healthy enough.

If you want your acai bowl to be a healthy breakfast or meal option then carefully look at its ingredients. For instance, if you want a healthy acai bowl Houston then first carefully select a place that offers one. You can conduct an online search or ask the people you know. Check the menu of the café or Houston juice bar offering acai bowls. Are the acai bowls full of natural ingredients? Are the acai bowls packed with processed sugar? What kind of fruits and toppings are used to make acai bowls?

Ingredients for healthy acai bowls –


  • Fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries
  • Other fresh fruits such as bananas, pineapple, or mango


  • Almond milk (does the café makes its own almond milk or other milk substitutes?)
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Coconut water


  • Fruits
  • Nut butter
  • Coconut chips
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

These are just some examples of healthy ingredients to include in acai bowls. You can include other ingredients with similar nutrition profiles.

What a healthy acai bowl must not include –

So, what makes an acai bowl unhealthy? Again, it is the choice of ingredients.

Ice cream, chocolate, chocolate chips, refined sugar, extra-sweetened milk or dairy substitutes, and fruit concentrates are some ingredients that can make your acai bowl unhealthy.

Making your acai bowl healthier –

No or low sugar

You don’t really need extra sugar in your acai bowl. The natural sugar present in fruits should be enough. If you want extra sweetness, use sugar substitutes such as agave or add some honey in your acai bowl. It is best to not include refined sugar, ice cream, or sweetened fruit pulps in your acai bowl.

Healthy toppings

Adding a few chocolate chips on top of your acai bowl won’t make it unhealthier. But it is best to keep the quantity low. If you must have chocolate in your acai bowl, shave some dark chocolate as a topping along with other healthy ingredients. You can use cacao nibs too for a healthy cocoa substitute.

The idea is the same – chocolate (made with cacao) is not unhealthy in itself. Cacao is a healthy ingredient. It is the sugar and other ingredients in the chocolate bars that make it unhealthy.

It is best to choose berries or nuts as the topping in your acai bowl.

Fresh ingredients

Ensure that only fresh ingredients are used in your acai bowl. For example, if you are adding coconut water in it; ensure it is fresh. Check if the berries are organic or not.

Extra nutrients

Most people won’t add kale or spinach (staples of green and healthy smoothies) in acai bowls. But you can chop some and mix these healthy greens in your acai bowl for some extra goodness.

Check if juice bars in your area offer such healthier options in their acai bowl offerings. Other unconventional but healthy ingredients that can be used in acai bowls are spirulina, hemp protein, and coconut oil.

Top Four Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

A cold therapy machine is a device designed to deliver cold therapy in the most efficient manner. It consists of several components such as a tank, a pump, a healing pad, etc. to deliver cold therapy seamlessly. Cold therapy is a holistic remedy, and it is best delivered via a cold therapy machine.

Here are the top four reasons to use a cold therapy machine.

1. It aids speedy healing of the patients

Cold therapy helps in the speedy healing of the patients. But its delivery needs to perfect for cold therapy to show effective results. A cold therapy machine helps in the optimal delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries and wounds.

The healing pads in cold therapy machines help deliver cold therapy evenly, unlike ice packs. The shape of ice packs can be uneven. When you use one for healing orthopedic pain, it is not always possible for the cold temperature to reach deep inside the painful tissues. There is no such drawback with the use of cold therapy machines.

With the right delivery method, cold therapy can be of immense help to patients experiencing orthopedic pain. You can use cold therapy machine post your knee, hip, back, or shoulder surgeries. You can also use it to heal pain from injuries, tired muscles, or medical conditions such as arthritis.

When patients experience speedy healing, it makes it unnecessary for them to use pain-relieving pills. Pain medicines can become addictive with their excessive or prolonged use. With the best delivery method for cold therapy, patients can work on their healing with a natural and safe remedy.

With speedy healing, patients recovering from shoulder or knee replacement surgeries can begin their recovery program on time. Cold therapy unit helps patients regain range of motions in their knees and shoulders post surgeries. With the speedy healing of pain, it becomes possible for them to move their joints again. So, they can commence their physical therapy right on schedule or even sooner.

2. It delivers cold therapy in a safe manner

When you use a cold therapy machine, you can administer cold therapy without risks of infections or injuries. Unlike ice packs, which can drip water over surgical wounds; there is no such limitation with the use of machines. Dripping water can cause infections in open and surgical wounds. So, the machine needs to deliver cold therapy without such risks.

IsoComforter takes patients’ safety a notch further. The company designs sterile healing pads also, which you can safely use for your post-surgical healing. IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to design its cold therapy machines. It helps in the delivery of cold therapy safely and efficiently. The ridges in the IsoComforter healing pads help with optimal skin contact; protecting it from injuries due to freezing temperatures.

3. It is easy to operate

Cold therapy machines are easy to operate; making it possible for patients to use it as often as needed. For example, IsoComforter machines come equipped with self-priming pumps requiring no mechanical efforts to start functioning. You can simply fill the tank with ice and water; wrap the healing pad around the affected area, and switch on the machine to administer cold therapy.

There are no multiple switches you need to tinker with or knobs to turn left or right to use the cold therapy machines.

4. It is convenient to use

Cold therapy machines offer a convenient way to administer cold therapy. When you need to administer it multiple times a day (for a minimum 15-20 minutes at a time), you need a convenient way to deliver it.

When you use a cold therapy machine, you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can relax, take a nap, work on your computer, or watch your favorite show while the machine delivers cold therapy to the affected area. You can even buy portable IsoComforter machines to use it on the go.

Cold therapy works best with consistent delivery until the healing is complete. With such convenient use, it is easier for patients to continue with their cold therapy regimen for as long as it is required.

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