Be in Style with Yoga Mat Bags

In today’s day and age, health and fitness have become increasingly important. It is no longer uncommon to see people of all ages and walks of life carving out time from their hectic schedules to exercise their mind and body.

Yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to center and reset yourself. There is more to just throwing on a cute workout outfit though! This article will help you pick out a stylish yoga m

When buying an item, it necessary to list out a couple of integral features you are looking for. Buying the item that checks these boxes allows for you to get the most suitable product, in this case, a cute yoga mat bag.

1. What are you using it for?

What exactly will you be carrying in your yoga mat bag? Depending on whether you take a change of clothes, need to take your block with you and how big your mat is, you need to look for a bag that can accommodate it all.

– Most yoga bags can accommodate a 24-inch mat. If you own a larger or thicker mat, make sure to look for a bag that can fit yours. If not, you may be prone to spillage or mats peaking out of an overly stuffed bag.

– Staying hydrated is key during an intense workout. While most gyms have installed water fountains, you may want to invest in a yoga mat bag that has a designated water bottle pouch. This will save you countless trips to the water fountain when you are parched.

– If you are going to change out of your sweaty clothes at the gym, you should probably look for a bag made of breathable fabric. This will help air out your workout clothes and a towel.

– You probably need to make sure your essentials are already on you, so you can get a move on to your next task. Yoga mat bags with designated pockets for your phone, wallet, and keys makes it easier to keep your work and personal lives organized, especially when there is a thin line separating the two!

2. How do you travel?

Do you drive to the gym or use a crowded public transport system? Maybe you like to take the opportunity to get in a cardio session by walking or cycling over to your workout? Either way, you would want to choose the style of yoga mat bag that would suit your situation.

– If you are in a crowded area, you would probably want to go for a yoga mat bag with closures to ensure your items are secure in the stampede of people around you. You might also find yourself being less of a nuisance if you opt for a bag that stores in a vertical fashion, rather than horizontally. This reduces the number of people you are likely to bump your workout gear into, and you know nobody likes that person.

– If you walk or bike to work, make sure your strap is sufficiently cushioned, since your shoulders will be taking a brunt of the weight of your workout gear. This will prevent excessive pain due to prolonged pressure on it.

3. Choosing the material

How often do you work out? If you workout often, you definitely need a bag that can withstand wear and tear. A number of things go into a workout bag. A switch in workouts means your bag needs to be versatile enough to handle the new gear you require. It would be wiser to opt for a more adaptable bag if chances are, you are going to be trying out a lot more than just a yoga session every Saturday.

After your workout, you dump all your soiled clothes and gear into the yoga mat bag and go on your way. Make sure you choose a bag that is easy to clean!

If you want to ensure you are doing your part, support environment-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free material!

Last but not least, you want to make sure you like how the yoga mat bag looks! You can either go with a sporty black with a pop of color or go bold with prints, colors, and embellishments. Make it your own! The more you love your purchase, the more motivated you will be to show it off at the gym!