Dental Implants – Why it is Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

A dental implant is a titanium screw-like fixture to offer a post for artificial teeth. It replaces dental roots when dentists replace missing teeth with artificial teeth.

Here’s why dental implants can be the permanent solution to missing teeth.


Dental implants offer a strong artificial base for the dental crowns or bridges. These are surgically fixed into the patients’ jawbone, offering stable and strong support for artificial teeth.

The risk with dentures is that it can slip out of your mouth. Even bridges are not very stable and can come loose inside the mouth. But such is not the case with dental implants. If the dental implants are fitted properly, the artificial tooth won’t budge from its place.

For this reason, it is important to seek treatment from an experienced cosmetic dentist. For instance, if you want dental implants in Springfield, you can conduct a simple online search using the right keywords. Search terms such as dental implants Springfield can yield good results.

A competent dentist can fit the dental implants properly. The dentist will check if you have sufficient bone that can support an implant. If you do not have adequate bone for implants, your dentist will assess your oral health to see if a bone graft may solve the issue. Your gums will also need to be in good condition in order to fix the implant. But once the implants are fixed to your jawbone, expect them to last for a long time.


Dental implants can last you for a long time with the right maintenance. You will need to brush your artificial teeth just like you do with your natural teeth. You will also need to keep your gums healthy with regular flossing.

It is not difficult to clean the implants or clean the teeth with implants. You need to brush them in the usual way. Your dentist will guide you about any specific care involved for brushing your implants, if any. For instance, your dentist may recommend the use of interdental brushes to clean even harder to reach areas between the teeth.

Post your dental implant treatment; you will need to see your dentist for maintenance checkups as recommended. If you follow these care steps, your dental implants can last you for a long time. Unlike dentures or bridges, you won’t need to replace your implants every few years.

Other care step to make your dental implants last for a long time is to avoid smoking. Your dentist may even ask you to stop smoking before placing the implants. Even then, your dentist will assess the condition of your jawbone before agreeing to place the implants. Smoking can make the bones weak. A weak jawbone cannot support dental implants. So, if you continue to smoke after the dentals are fixed into your jawbone, there is always a chance for the treatment to be not as successful as it can be or even fail completely. A professional and trained dentist is likely to inform you about it prior to starting your dental implant treatment.

You may be asked to avoid chewing on hard foods to keep your crowns from developing cracks or even breaking. Just like your natural teeth, artificial teeth can also break. So, you will need to take care of your dental implants and artificial teeth.


The treatment for dental implants is completely safe. Titanium is a substance, which most people can tolerate well. It fuses really well with the bones, providing really sturdy and safe support for artificial teeth.

Your dentist will ensure that your gums have properly healed before fixing the artificial teeth on the implants. Your dentist will also continue to monitor your oral health and the state of your implant for the continued success of the treatment.


To look completely natural. The artificial teeth that the implants support will also closely resemble your natural teeth. You won’t need to worry about the teeth not looking good and getting them replaced for this reason alone.

Once the dental implant procedure is complete and your jawbone has completely healed, you can continue to eat, drink, and talk without worrying about replacing them in the near future.

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