Finding the Right Cord Blood Bank for Your Family

Preserving cord blood is a priority for most parents these days. Those who are aware of the significance of preserving cord blood and stem cells, ensure that they find the best cord blood bank in their area to secure their kids’ health in the future.

But it is difficult to find the right bank from a multitude of cord blood bank companies in the world today. So, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your family.

Robust Operational Experience

It goes without saying that it is best to choose cord blood bank companies with extensive experience. Most companies only have state or national presence; a few operate internationally too. So, you will most likely be able to find one in your location. If possible; choose a bank with a decade or more years of operational experience.

To further augment the experience factor, check if the companies also have their research department. Investment into cell therapy research adds to cord blood banks’ strengths.

The Right Accreditations

The bank you choose must have appropriate accreditations for the services they offer. They should have the licenses to operate in the locations they serve; whether nationally or internationally. They should be registered with the FDA as well. The storage bags they use during C-section deliveries should also be FDA-approved.

Accreditation information should be present on the companies’ websites.

Exceptional Storage Technology

For obvious reasons; the storage technology must be current and exceptional. Most cord blood banks employ standard MVE tanks for their storage needs. Only a few exceptional ones use smart robotic storage tank (BioArchive) as the storage technology. Combine the latter with automated processing; and you have a winner! You are not likely to find many private cord blood banks using this technology. If you can find a cord blood bank offering the two, you can definitely shortlist it.

The use of cutting-edge technology ensures that the cells are preserved well for any future use. It will also help the cells to remain exceptionally viable.

Give bonus points to companies that own their storage facility. It gives them greater control over their storage services. It will translate into better services for their clients.

Tailored Solutions

Cell therapies have really advanced in recent times. Some companies offer a slew of other storage options along with cord blood banking. You can inquire about other services when looking for a cord blood bank. These services can be tissue banking and immune cell banking.

Even if you simply want cord blood storage; the company you choose should be able to offer you a solution that works the best for you. The best cord blood bank companies will have different types of plans to suit the varied requirements of their prospective clients. Choose the one that works best for you in terms of storage and pricing.

Competitive Pricing

It is easier to check and compare rates for storage at different cord blood banks. Most companies will present such information on their websites. You can even contact the various companies and inquire about their services and prices.

The rates for storage must be justified with what is on offer. It is best to not look at the prices as a standalone factor. See to it along with other benefits you are getting by choosing a specific company. Even so; the prices should be competitive and suited to your budget.

See to it that the company doesn’t charge any cancellation fee after you register with them.

Inquire beforehand what benefits are included in your storage plan. For instance, would they provide you with a detailed report about the cells’ viability? Would they offer you a storage certificate too? Are the terms of the storage clear to you?

Before you Signup –

 Visit the websites of different cord blood bank companies. Browse through the company details, service plans, and technology information.

 Contact the company with your queries in case you wish to know more about the technology they employ or the types of storage options you can choose in any given service plan.

 Choose a cord blood bank only when you are satisfied with it on all the above-mentioned checkpoints.