Five Reasons Why You are Not Getting a Lean Body

You are doing everything that it takes. Following a good exercise routine, less calorie intake, and all that but still not seeing any results. Have you thought about why is that so? You must know that there is something that is not right or you missing out. If you are trying to achieve a lean body then there is a pattern that you must be following to get the desired results. Taking into consideration the Modere lean body system can help you shred all the excess fat and build muscle so that you can get a lean body.

Getting that lean body is only possible when you put in hard work and dedication into your life. Just following a fitness regime is not going to fulfill the needs of your body as many other things come with it and your body demands to see the results that you want. And if you are a total fitness freak and gym lover, then here are a few reasons why you are not getting a lean body even while doing all types of workouts five days a week.

#1 You are not tracking the calorie intake

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people do and are unaware of. If you are regularly working out and still not seeing any results, it is probably that you are not watching out for the calorie intake. Without tracking what you are eating, there’s absolutely no way whether your portion is right or no. If you have failed earlier by counting calorie intake and never seen any results then you can watch out for the macros as they are the guaranteed way to know the right amount of fats, carbs, and protein you are supposed to feed to your body. Apart from that, consistency is what is needed here, and not falling into the trap of cheat meals at least till the time you start seeing the visible results.

#2 You are giving importance only to the weight

It has happened with all of us that we have worked out almost every single day of the week and have never seen the weighing scale move an inch. This is frustrating. But you must know that other factors influence that stagnant weight of yours and that weight does not have to do with anything. Getting obsessed over the thought that you have not lost even a single pound in weeks does not mean that your hard work is falling apart. Feel the difference from the inside of how you are feeling, the energy levels, the muscle you have gained by keeping the track of the metrics.

#3 Your goals are not set right

When you are aiming to achieve a lean body, you must set smaller goals to achieve the bigger milestone. And if you are not doing that, you are probably going to never see the desired results. Now you are having a question in your mind, “How to set the right fitness goals?” Well, do not worry about that as you must look for the proper guide who can take you through this transformation journey. Set goals for how much body fat you want to lose in one week and go ahead with more such milestones as you progress.

#4 You are not being patient

When it comes to fitness, patience is one of the important keys that you must know about. Getting into the best shape of your life is going to take time and you must give that time to your body and mind. You would be requiring a bucket full of patience along with hard work and determination. Many times because people do not have patience they never see the results and that makes them frustrated and stop working towards the goal. If you do that, you are never going to get a lean body.

#5 You are not consistent with your plan

Consistency is needed everywhere and when it comes to fitness there are no shortcuts to it. You would require committing to yourself and stick to the plan for as long as it takes. And that can only happen if you are consistent with it. Being consistent does not mean that you must only follow a good exercise routine, it also means that you are following a diet plan and when both are combined only then you will be seeing the results.

Be seriously committed to what you are doing and how you want to do it. If you are doing these five mistakes, learn from them and make changes in your plan. Don’t worry, you will get there!

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