Four Ways Cold Therapy Unit Can Help You Heal Faster

Cold therapy is the application of freezing temperature over orthopedic wounds or injuries. It is a holistic remedy to heal different types of minor and major orthopedic traumas. It is best delivered through special devices called as cold therapy units.

Cold therapy can also be administered using ice packs. However, here are four ways a cold therapy unit can help you heal faster.

1. It helps with consistent application of cold therapy.

Use of a cold therapy unit helps with its consistent application. It is effortless and convenient to use a cold therapy unit. The ease of use helps patients to adhere to their cold therapy regimen for a longer period. Imagine holding an ice pack over your shoulders or on your back for multiple times a day! Also, imagine replenishing ice in the packs several times a day. Not to mention the dripping mess the melting ice packs can create on the bed or the floor. Now, imagine using a cold therapy machine without these hassles! These devices are simply more convenient to use. Convenience equals more consistent application of cold therapy, which is extremely important for it to work well.

Brands such as IsoComforter make machines that are portable. So, you can use them at your convenience without missing your scheduled cold therapy sessions. IsoComforter machines also do not require replenishing of ice in the tank very often. You can sit back and rest easy. The convenience of using the machines can lead to consistent cold therapy sessions, which in turn can promote speedier healing of your injuries.

2. It is safe.

Use of cold therapy units is safe. There is no risk of dripping water increasing the chances of you getting post-surgical infections. There is also no risk of injuries due to the inconsistent transfer of temperatures to your muscles (as can happen in the case of ice packs). For instance, IsoComforter makes machines using the patented Iso Tube technology for efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. The ridges in the healing pads of IsoComforter machines help in the optimal transfer of near-freezing temperatures without risks of injuries from the cold.

The safety features of cold therapy machines keep away any hindrances (injuries, infections, more pain) to your healing process.

3. It is effective.

Cold therapy helps reduce swelling and pain quite effectively. When it is delivered via machines, the effectiveness of cold therapy can increase quite exponentially. Cold therapy units help in the uniform delivery of freezing temperatures. With proper use, the cold helps reduce swelling and pain quite efficiently. The consistent transfer of cold over injured tissues temporarily halts nerve communications; causing the blood supply in the affected areas to reduce. The reduced blood supply jumpstarts the body’s natural healing process to work on the injured muscles. As the swelling begins to reduce, the resulting pain from it also stops.

You can use cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain after surgeries and different kinds of orthopedic injuries. Cold therapy can also provide relief from edema (collection of fluids around the injuries), painful sore muscles, and discomfort from minor sprains.

4. It delivers cold therapy in the most efficient manner.

Cold therapy via machines is the most optimal way to deliver it over injured muscles. Ice packs simply do not compare with the potency of cold therapy machines. The machines help deliver cold therapy without any risks or limitations of ice packs or frozen vegetable bags. Use of machines offers a worry-free experience of using cold therapy over a long period of time.

Cold therapy is also effective in healing tired muscles. You can simply fill the machine with ice and water, plug in the machine, and rest easy. You don’t need to hold the ice over your muscles to heal them. When your limbs are tired along with the rest of your body, there is no comfortable way to use ice packs for cold therapy. With cold therapy units, you can take a nap or watch television while the machine does its work on your tired muscles.
Use of a machine simply makes delivery of cold therapy more effective; promoting faster healing in multiple ways.