Invisalign – All You Need to Know About This Teeth-Straightening Braces Alternative

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Do you want to improve your teeth’ alignment with an invisible aligner? If so, then here comes a unique technique called Invisalign. It gives teeth straightening and realigning options. So, if you are unaware of it, this article will help you know everything about Invisalign.

Definition of Invisalign

Made from SmartTrack, Invisalign is an orthodontic method that enables teeth improvement to construct an improved smile. It does not utilize metal wires and help to straighten your teeth.

Issues that Invisalign can resolve

Do you know which problems can Invisalign treat? If no, then we have penned down below a list of those issues that you can rectify using Invisalign.

•  Crooked and Crowded Teeth

Invisalign helps you in straightening your beautiful smile. It can correct your crooked teeth with perfection. Additionally, nowadays, the crowded tooth has become a common problem. Lack of space in the jaw can overlap or twist your teeth. As a result, food gets stuck between your teeth. Besides, plaque and tartar lead to tooth decay which is also harmful. So, Invisalign is the only solution to get rid of these situations, as it can effectively realign the teeth.

•  Open Bite

When the upper and lower teeth do not meet, it causes an open bite situation. Invisalign moves the teeth into their exact position.

•  Overbite

When the upper front teeth overlap with the lower one, it causes overbite. You might face biting and chewing difficulties through this. So, the only rescuer is Invisalign that can align your teeth to fit them properly. But if you face severe overbite issues, the best orthodontist like Invisalign McLean combines Invisalign and braces to solve the problem.

•  Underbite

An underbite is reversed to an overbite. It might lead to tooth wear and harm your speech. In that case, Invisalign pushes the lower teeth back to fit with the upper front teeth.

•  Space between the Teeth

If your teeth are having space issues, it causes more harm than good. The food that accumulates between your gums and teeth can lead to gum diseases. So, closing the gaps with Invisalign is evident to get a painless life.

Advantages of Invisalign

Let us now take a quick look into the pros of the Invisalign method.

•  The aesthetic part

Anyone who chooses Invisalign looks pretty as they are less noticeable than the brackets and the wires. People will not notice if you are using them.

•  Comfortability

Invisalign is convenient to wear. As it has no wires or brackets, there is no chance of wounds in your mouth. They are smooth and are comparable to a mouthguard which has no sharp edges.

•  Easy removal

Unlike the braces, you can remove Invisalign easily while brushing, flossing, or eating. It protects you from food getting stuck, and as a result, maintains oral hygiene also.

•  Minimal maintenance

Do not worry if your Invisalign aligners have stains. You can clean them with bleach and water. Just one minute of scrubbing will remove the stains effectively. But you have to clean them regularly to improve your oral health.

•  Fewer problems

Many people face difficulties by wearing braces. Braces might fall off anytime, which is not the case for Invisalign aligners. They never fall off and prevent unwanted complications.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

Now that you know of the Invisalign benefits, let us take a look at its cons.

•  Less effective in some cases

The experts of Invisalign McLean say that this method is ineffective in some cases. But it is not beneficial for complex purposes where you have to bridgework your teeth.

•  Needs compliance

If you have patience, only then select Invisalign. Since, you have to wear them for 20-22 hours constantly, it creates many problems during eating or practicing oral hygiene.

•  Inconvenience

You always have to exclude them during brushing and eating. So if you go out on a date or a party, you need to remove them before eating. It can cause embarrassment to you. Besides, after every meal, you have to brush your teeth before wearing them, which is quite irritating.

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