Things to Consider Before Buying Massager for Muscles

A massager for muscle knots offers great convenience to users. You can use it as per your needs at home or on the go. Regular massages will also help you keep your muscles healthy and supple. But not every massage tool offers these advantages and more. Here are the things to consider before buying massager for muscle knots.


There are different types of massagers available in the market today. You need to carefully consider your needs in order to buy the perfect massager for muscles. If you wish to buy a massager for finding relief from muscle knots then it is best to choose a tool that offers robust pressure. Percussion or jigsaw massagers are best in this regard.

Percussion or jigsaw massagers offer a to-and-fro movement with a strong ball attached to it. You can use various attachments that come with the massager to vary the intensity of the massage.

If you want to use the massager on the go then choose one that offers easy portability. Such massagers will be compact machines offering ease of use. Such massagers are more likely to come with a travel kit too. If you want to buy a great self-massage tools then select a machine that is specially designed for the purpose. It will be easy to hold and use. You will also be able to use the self-massage tools on most muscle groups.

There are foam and ball massagers also available to offer quick massages. But these are often not sufficient for providing relief from muscle knots and aren’t ideal for intensive massages. Massage balls are more suited for feet and hands rather than for working on muscle knots or for healing intense muscle pain.


Choose massagers that offer multiple selections in terms of the speed settings and massage head attachments.

Some percussion massager brands make machines with five or more speed settings. So, you can choose one based on your specific needs. Low-speed settings are ideal for everyday use in order to keep the muscles supple. High-speed settings are perfect for relieving severe muscle pain and dissolving knots.

Also, consider multiple attachments to address different intensities of muscle pain. Large-sized ball heads are ideal for deep tissue massages. Medium-sized balls can offer deep tissue massage but with lesser intensity. Small-sized ball heads can lightly knead the muscles and provide relief from fatigue and soreness. Cone-shaped massage heads can help you concentrate the pressure on specific points and experience respite from muscle pain rather quickly.


Choose a massager made with excellent high-grade material. The massage heads must be really strong to be able to function at any speed setting without any issue. If the ball heads are weak then the massage through them won’t be ideal.

The handle in self-massage tools must be sturdy and comfortable to hold for even longer durations. The overall quality of the massager must be really superlative.

If you are buying the massager via online channels, ensure that you carefully read the description of the product. Check all the images of the item available in online stores. Choose a reputed brand that maintains a nice business website with sufficient information about its massagers. Additional information about a product will help you make the best choice when it comes to selecting the right massager for you.

Warranty and Guarantees

Refrain from buying massagers that don’t come with any warranties and guarantees. Reputed brands will not shy away from offering at least a 12-month warranty on their products. Check if the warranty on the massager includes repairs and replacements of its components or not.

A 30-day; money-back guarantee is perfect for checking the performance of the massager. Use this time to check all the attachments and speed settings of the massager. Evaluate its performance for alleviating all kinds and intensities of muscle pains. Check if the massager is adequate to provide a reprieve from painful muscle knots or not.


The cost of the massager must be in accordance with its features and benefits. You can also check the manufacturer or the retailers’ websites to know about discount deals and offers.

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