Urinary Tract Infection: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

UTI Medications

A UTI, abbreviated as a urinary tract infection, is a microbe caused by the infection. These microorganisms represent their presence through various symptoms. Majorly, UTIs are caused because of bacteria, whereas fungi cause others. In exceptional cases, the reason can be a virus. UTIs are quite common and can be recorded in half of the population.

A UTI can occur anywhere within the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, as well as urethra. Usually, it attacks over urethra and bladder, or we can say within the lower tract. Further, UTIs can also infect upper tract, but it is rare, and when occurs it can be severe and require instant treatment.

Symptoms of UTI:

Symptoms of a UTI typically depends upon the part which is infected. The symptoms can vary from one part to another.

In the case of lower tract UTIs, the urethra and bladder is affected. Generally, the following symptoms are seen in a lower tract UTI:

· Burning sensation while peeing

· Increased frequency of peeing without actually passing much

· Elevated urgency of going for Urine

· Small amount of blood in Urine

· Cloudy Urine

· Dark-coloured Urine

· Urine with a strong odour

· Pelvic pain-women

· Rectal pain-men

Whereas in the case of upper tract UTIs, kidneys are affected. Upper tract UTIs can be life-threatening, especially when the bacteria move from the infected kidney to the bloodstream. Such a condition is said urosepsis and causes low blood pressure and even death.

Symptoms of upper tract UTI are:

· vomiting

· pain in upper back area & sides

· fever

· nausea

Common UTI Symptoms in Men and Women:

Symptoms of a UTI in men are close to the ones found in women. At the same time, symptoms of a lower tract infection comprise rectal pain and other common symptoms. Women with a lower UTI usually have to go through pelvic pain with other common symptoms. Men and women both observe similar symptoms of upper tract infections.

UTI treatment

UTI treatment varies as per the root cause. Initially, the doctor determines the key factor causing UTI, I.e. bacteria, fungi or virus. The treatment and UTI medications vary as per the cause. The test result ensures the type of treatment to be carried out. For example, if the root cause of UTI is bacteria, the doctor recommends antibiotics.

When the root cause is viruses or fungi, the UTIs will be treated with antiviral UTI medications. Typically, doctors count on the antiviral cidofovir for treating viral UTIs. Whereas most commonly used fungal UTI medications include antifungals.

Antibiotics for a UTI Treatment:

Specialists usually say to have antibiotics for the rapid and effective treatment of bacterial UTIs. But, also, it depends upon the part on which the infection has targeted.

Lower tract UTIs are easy to cure with the help of oral antibiotics. But to cure upper tract UTIs, you have to intake intravenous antibiotics. You cant take them orally; they are injected directly within the veins.

Sometimes, the bacteria may become resistant to antibiotics that worsen the case. To reduce the risk of such antibiotic resistance, the doctor usually put you on short-course treatment, usually within a week. It Will likely put you on the shortest treatment course possible.

The urine culture test result helps the doctor to decide which antibiotic treatment will be most suitable for you.

Research is still going on to figure out other possible treatments for bacterial UTIs. IT is expected that cell chemistry would generate new treatment aspects.

Home Remedies for UTI Treatment:

People have a myth that they can treat UTI with home remedies, but it is not true. But certain things can help in boosting up the curing procedure for better results in minimal time.

Such home remedies to treat UTIs include drinking excess water to clear out infection from your body. Additionally, cranberries are considered a popular remedy, and research will provide more evidence in this regards.

A chemical compound present in cranberry is helpful to elevate the healing process. This compound is highly effective for treating bacterial UTIs. Also, it helps in the prevention process too.

Untreated UTIs

It would help if you got this straight that UTI treatment is crucial. It would be best if you never let that easy to get cured itself. Untreated UTIs usually becomes more severe with passing the time and spread further. The most critical untreated UTI is when it occurs in the upper tract. If left untreated, it spreads within the blood and causes sepsis. It can be life-threatening.

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