What are the Advantages of Using a Jigsaw Massager?

More and more people are beginning to buy this device since it has become a common thing at sports games or in gyms. You may have also noticed while watching sports that athletic trainers carry around a device that looks similar to a jigsaw during games, using it on players while they are on the bench or sidelines or gym trainers using this device to treat muscle spasm and work knots. 

A jigsaw massager can be used in a variety of applications and offer many advantages. Let’s have a brief look at some key advantages of using jigsaw massager. 

Medical Applications

A percussion massage therapy session by a jigsaw massager promotes pain relief, relaxation, and tissue repair. Percussion therapy has a wide range of benefits and medical applications. Percussion therapy is used for post-surgery treatment, as it’s known to break down internal scar tissue and increase venous and lymphatic circulation, which speeds up the healing time. Percussion therapy can help relax your muscles, relieve the pain, treat stiff joints & muscle spasm, improve blood flow, and enhance the range-of-motion of the muscle. This form of deep-tissue massage can work knots and tension out of the muscles and prevent any future occurrence of muscle spasms. 

Reduce Recovery Time

Many professionals have been using jigsaw massagers to minimize pain and discomfort for patients. You can also use a jigsaw massager to recover from injuries at home. A jigsaw massager can shorten your recovery time while relieving some of the pain, tension, and soreness that comes naturally from intense martial arts workouts. The rapid blows delivered from a jigsaw massager soften your stiff muscle tissue. Softening and soothing the surrounding tissue of an extremely sore muscle will have a relaxing, soothing impact on the sore and overworked muscles. 

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Many World-class trainers have been using professional percussion massager on professional athletes for very long. Jigsaw massager stretches the muscles and connective tissues and enhances muscle strength that improves the athletes’ overall responsiveness and performance. The improved blood circulation results in the reduction of muscle soreness and fatigue that enable athletes to perform longer and more frequently.

Speed up Rehabilitation

Percussion therapy speeds up the rehabilitation process. The contractions caused by the jigsaw massager strengthen the muscles. And as discussed earlier, it also breaks down internal scar tissue while increasing venous and lymphatic circulation. This speeds up your healing time, and by elongating the muscle fibers, it also treats stiff joints and muscle spasms. More importantly, a jigsaw massager allows you to facilitate the rehabilitation process at your home on your own. Instead of spending weeks waiting for your next chiropractor or massage therapy appointment, you can speed up your rehabilitation process at home. It will also save hundreds, maybe even thousands, on monthly treatments. 

Promote Relaxation

Like every massage therapy, percussion massage also promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels. Jigsaw massager improves blood and oxygen circulation, which promotes deeper breathing and reduces body pain. All of this results in reduced stress and anxiety levels. It relieves pain and muscle soreness without the use of drugs. You can easily reach every body part that needs relief.

Overall Health Benefits

Having regular percussion massage therapy with a jigsaw massager results in an overall improvement of your health. It offers various health benefits such as lower blood pressure, enhances immunity, improves sleep, eliminates toxins, improves digestion, balances the autonomic nervous system, decreases cortisol levels, reduces shoulder and low back pain, improves mood, and reduces depression.

Help in Long Traveling

Long traveling often results in pain in various parts of the body. A jigsaw massager is the perfect traveling companion. It is a portable, lightweight, battery-powered, and handheld device that comes with a convenient handheld case that can protect the device. So you can easily carry your massager along with you wherever you go. Massage your tired feet, melt away aches, pains and knots so you can feel your best on your trip.

So these are the key advantages of using a jigsaw massager.

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